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Dr Jun Chih

School of Population Health, Curtin University
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About Dr Jun Chih

Dr Jun Chih is a senior lecturer and research fellow at Curtin School of Population Health and Clinical Trials Enabling Platform (CTEP-WA). She was the 2020 Western Australia Heath Translation Network (WAHTN) Clinical Trials Biostatistics Fellow mentored by John Curtin Distinguished Professor Christopher Reid. Dr Chih provides her expertise in the design of clinical trials and longitudinal epidemiological, public health and clinical research studies (including protocol development, sample size and power calculations, randomisation process) as well as analyses of cross-sectional and longitudinal data using both commonly used and complex modelling and machine learning techniques, interpreting the findings in a sensible approach for clinicians and consumers of research evidence, and drafting research publications. Jun has worked with multi-disciplinary research teams across public and private hospitals, clinics, research centres and government.