Tobacco companies, corporate social responsibility and use of third-party awards

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About the project

The research aimed to determine how transnational tobacco companies are using third-party awards to frame themselves and their core activities in their company-owned media; and how these frames differ between media channels and how they have changed over time.

The objectives are to:

1. Identify the frames used by transnational tobacco companies in the promotion of third-party awards and endorsements via company-owned media channels.

2. Identify differences in how awards are used to frame transnational tobacco companies via different media channels.

3. Identify changes in the frequency of use by transnational tobacco companies of the different frames in the promotion of third-party awards.

Chief Investigator

Professor Jonine Jancey

  • Funder: Curtin University
  • Project Duration: 2021 – 2022
  • Ethical Approval: Not required
  • Project staff: Briony Marshman

Chief Investigators

School of Population Health, Curtin University
School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University
School of Population Health, Curtin University

Associate Investigators

Faculty of Health Science, Curtin University